To comply with relevant provisions in the JEDEC standards concerning interface and control mode, the SPI NOR flash products produced by Douqi Technology are rigorously tested in accordance with the JEDEC standards. Relying on the advaned design technology, the Company has optimized the red-write operation of the memory cell and developed low-power and high-perfomance chips featuring rapid running speed and multipe program -erase modes data can be erased for up to 100,000 time and saved for more than 20 years. We also provide many kinds of package types including SOP, VSOP, TSSOP, DIP, WSON, BGA and USON through close cooperation with upstearm and dowmsteam enterprises so as to meet the demand in consumption, industry, medical electronics and other applications.

Douqi Tech. provides 512Mb-8Gb Parallel NAND flash products for multimedia and network interconnection application, including intelligent machines, STB, smart TV, security and smart wearable devices. The products conform to all the SLC structure is applied to Douqi's high performance NAND flash, which features fast program and read speed, as well as better reliability, which will be your preferred storage solution due to the high operating speed and stability.

As anexcellent choice for mobile device storage, eMMC is used in encompasses smart phones, tablet PC, smart TV, game machines, set-top boxes and other consumer electronic products. The eMMC controller of Douqi Technology supports the formats of major NAND flash manufacturers such as SLC, MLC, TLC and the like,as well as provides the solutions with low power consumption and high performance for transaction devices and embedded applications by advanced process and optimized hardware/software configuration.

Douqi Technology has also formed acomprehensive strategic partnership with the Institute of Microelectronics ofChinese Academy of Sciences to jointly research and develop radiation tolerantmemory products and delivers high-performance memory chips with independent intellectualproperty rights to highly reliable application areas like medical electronics,industry and aerospace via the process and RHBD techniques.