Consumer digital products


Our products are increasingly applied in TV, STB, DVD, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, U-KEY, car DVR, players and toys, etc. The Company will continue to maintain a sustainable growth in market share, focus on enhancing the brand value and serve the high-profit areas.

Industrial product


The industrial products include instrument clusters, smart meters, smart grids and intelligent vehicle systems. For national security, there is a strong demand for the localization of military products, so the Company is applying for the qualification related to the military products, which is expected to be a promising field in the coming days.

Medical Electronics Devices


The global market for medical electronic devices is being expanded due to the rapid increase of the demand for high-end products, such as computer tomographic scanner, magnetic resonator, high-grade ultrasonic diagnostic instrument.



The exploration of space field is burgeoning in China, and the anti-radiation performance of electronic products becomes higher. Therefore, the fine sensors, signal conditioner, data converter, microprocessor interface solutions, digital signal processor and the like are in great demand.